Volunteer Chaplain Program

KCH and the Kane Area Ministerial Association collaborated in 1998 to establish the KCH Volunteer Chaplain Program to provide spiritual care and support to patients, family and staff. 

Local pastors/chaplains provide on call care 24 hours/day, seven days a week for crisis situations, emergency needs, end-of-life and terminal care situations that may arise in any of our patient care units.

Those serving in this role are a part of our healthcare team and have received orientation to hospital policies and procedures.

If a patient is transferred to another facility for treatment, the volunteer chaplain will also provide a referral to the receiving facility if the patient and family desire.

Volunteer Chaplains also provide care and services to staff via annual “Blessing of the Hands” and special services throughout the year.

A weekly prayer meeting is held on Monday mornings in our new chapel next to our Family Room located on the first floor.