Surgical Services

KCH provides a wide range of surgery including abdominal such as gallbladder, appendectomy, hernia, tummy tuck; gastrointestinal such as major bowel, colon, hemorrhoids; endocrine and other such as thyroid, breast surgery, lesion removal, varicose veins PLUS orthopedic and sports medicine, bariatric or weight loss (remove), ENT, gynecologic, podiatric, urologic, ophthalmologic surgeries. Endoscopies -- EGD and Colonoscopies and other GI procedures are also routinely performed at KCH. We also offer pain management procedures.

KCH Surgical Services maintains the highest standards in all surgical procedures.

Our surgical team is comprised of dedicated professionals that take great pride in their work. Our goal is to treat each patient that passes through our department as we want our own family to be treated.

Our outpatient care starts in our Short Procedure Unit (SPU) where you will find nurses who are caring and professional. Our goal is to make your stay as pleasant as possible for both you and your family.

Our anesthesia department offers state-of-the-art anesthesia equipment and monitoring to assure safe anesthesia delivery. Our anesthesia care providers will assess you immediately before your procedure, explains options and work with you to determine the anesthesia that is best for you..

After your surgical procedure, if indicated, you will be transferred to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (Recovery Room) where you will be placed on monitors until the nurse and the anesthesia care provider decide you are ready to be transferred back to the nursing unit to be discharged from the Short Procedure Unit, or back to the Medical Surgical Floor if you are an inpatient.