The pharmacy at KCH employs a full time registered Pharmacist and a full time certified Pharmacy Technician.  The in house pharmacy operates from 7-3 Monday through Friday.  UPMC Hamot pharmacists review patients’ orders when the pharmacy is closed.  This provides a 24 hour pharmacist coverage for KCH patients.

The pharmacy department is continually assessing and reviewing safe administration of medications to patients.

Medications are dispensed from automated dispensing machines provided by Carefusion Pyxis.  The pharmacy refills these machines and monitors inventory.  The correct usage and dispensing of medications have always been under the pharmacists’ duties.  The advent of electronic medical records has expanded the pharmacy’s role to oversee the proper functioning and use of the online medication administration record.  Bedside bar coding for medication administration is also a responsibility of the pharmacy department.

The pharmacy department maintains the many required functions and records regarding drug regulation and medication integrity.  Proper patient billing of pharmaceuticals must also be accomplished.

Kane Community Hospital uses an Isolator Barrier Hood to compound IV admixture products.  The IsoTech MicroSphere Compounding Aseptic Isolator is designed to protect the operator and maintain ISO class 5 operating conditions.  It is in full compliance with USP 797 regulations, OSHA and NIOSH guidelines.

Outside of our in house pharmacy at Kane Community Hospital, the pharmacy also provides medications for use in the 9 hospital based clinics and paramedics.  Proper medication storage records are maintained for these groups as well.  The Operating Room, short procedure unit, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, cardiac lab, home health and the emergency department all depend on the KCH pharmacy for correct medications and supplies.