KCH Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy (PT)
Our Physical Therapists are skilled in treating individuals with a variety of injuries and disorders, as well as post surgical patients by using state of the art modalities and hands-on treatment techniques. We focus on increasing the patient's ability to function at home, school, work, or any other aspect of their life.

Physical Therapy focuses on gross motor skills, transfers, stairs, gait training with and without an assistive device, endurance and balance training, and other impairments of the upper and lower extremities and spine.

Our Physical Therapists also have great success preparing injured athletes to return to their favorite sports.

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Occupational Therapy is key for individuals to regain independence in meaningful activities of daily living including fine motor retraining, cognitive skills and other impairments of the upper    extremities for return to work, leisure, and self-care.

People of all ages with varying diagnoses benefit from this type of therapy. Treatments may include: therapeutic activities to regain range of motion, strength, coordination, custom splint fabrication, and instruction in the use of adaptive equipment to increase the ease for performing activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy (ST)

The services of our Speech and Language Pathologist are provided to help adolescents    and adults with speech and language impairments, swallowing difficulties, and those with    cognitive and memory deficits related to neurological and degenerative diseases.  We also provide therapeutic intervention and muscle strengthening for patients with facial paralysis, head and neck trauma and cancer.

Other Treatment Options Include:

Activities of Daily Living, Adaptive Equipment, Back Pack Program at School, Back School/Treatment, Cardiac Rehabilitation (Phase II & III), Cognitive Rehabilitation, Desensitization, Electrical Stimulation, Ergonomic Evaluation, Gait Training, Hand Therapy, Iontophoresis, Joint Mobilization, Massage, Memory therapy, Motor Re-Education, Range of motion, Exercise, Sensory stimulation, Speech Recovery, Sports Injury, Soft Tissue Mobilization, Static/Dynamic Splinting, Therapeutic exercise, Thermal Modalities, Traction (Cervical & Lumbar), Ultrasound, Swallow therapy, Whirlpool, Work Conditioning, Wound Care.

The therapists at KCH work with various medical conditions of the musculoskeletal, nervous, and circulatory systems.

We develop patient specific treatment plans and home exercise programs to achieve maximum functional independence and return to a prior level of function through the restoration of functional movement, relief of pain, promotion of healing, and when necessary assist patients in adapting to a permanent disability.

We treat patients of all ages and functional levels as acute care, swing bed, home health and outpatients; from pre-op to the hospital, to home and then to outpatient we do it all for a continuity of care you won’t receive at other facilities.

We maintain strong communication with all the physicians to ensure best care possible.
KCH Rehabilitation Services provides an avenue of intervention designed to maximize an individual’s functional independence following surgery, after suffering an injury, or any debilitating condition.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech therapy are important links for people to regain independence in meaningful daily activities that include work, leisure and self-care.

Our therapists are skilled in treating a variety of orthopedic, neurological, cardiac, and vascular disorders as   well as work and sports related injuries. At every step of treatment, patients are provided with education regarding their condition and are encouraged to participate in developing their goals.

KCH Rehab Services is conveniently located across from the hospital in the lower level of the KCH Center for Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation and Pain Management.

Hours of Outpatient Operation
Mon-Fri, 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Contact Information
Phone: 1 (800) 565-9200, Ext. 4735 or (814) 837-4735
Fax: (814) 837-4739

KCH Center for Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation & Pain Management, 4355 Route 6 West, Kane. Lower Level
(Drive around to the back of the building)

Sheffield Medical Center 115 Main St., Sheffield, PA