Cardiac Rehabilitation & Wellness

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Program at KCH is approved by most medical insurance companies. The Cardiac Rehab Program meets federally mandated guidelines.

The program consists of three parts:

  • Monitored exercise program
  • Structured patient education
  • Individually designed exercise program

At KCH Cardiac Rehab & Wellness a team that includes a physician, a staff educated in kinesiology and exercise physiology, a dietician, and a diabetic counselor, will assist you.

The lasting effect of exercise cannot be ignored. It reduces the risk of heart disease and arteriosclerosis, and it decreases blood pressure, LDL's, back pain and the need for medication in some individuals. It improves the functional capacity of the heart and cardio-respiratory system.

Exercise can:

  • Stabilize the effects of diabetes and even ward it and other diseases off.
  • Increase strength, stamina and endurance, flexibility, range of motion, weight loss, metabolism and bone strength with the incorporation of weight-bearing activity.

Once exercise becomes a part of a daily routine, quality of life can only see improvements!

At KCH Cardiac Rehabilitation & Wellness, we’ll help you take the steps toward a healthier you with personalized programs within a medically supervised facility.

Who can join?

If you’ve had a heart emergency, such as a heart attack, stent or bypass surgery, within the past year, we offer Cardiac Rehab for your recovery.

All it takes to get started is a prescription from your doctor. Once here, you will meet with the center’s medical advisor for an assessment, then start a routine unique to your needs. Staff at the facility closely monitor heart rate, blood pressure and other vital signs to ensure a safe experience.

If you want to exercise as a wellness participant, we can help you!

Some medical insurance companies cover the SilverSneakers® Fitness Program. We are a SilverSneakers® facility and accept membership.

Strong hearts are part of a strong community.