December 8, 2009
Star Awards announced at KCH

Twenty three star awards were announced in November by KCH CEO Gary Rhodes who hosts periodic luncheons for those who have been recognized by patients or their peers for performance "above and beyond".

Individuals receiving their first recognition receive red stars, those receiving two awards receive blue stars, three awards equal a silver star and four awards warrant a gold star.

There was one gold star winner announced at the November luncheon. Katy Sluga from Dr. Rettger's office was recognized by the clinics' manager for her ongoing flexibility in staffing and filling in so that other employees could take time off.

Several employees were recognized for a third time this year, a silver performance. Jeremy Howe from Maintenance was a awarded a silver star for his ongoing excellent work from an internal customer and for his pleasant attitude that makes him enjoyable to work with. Ginny Rook was recognized for her ongoing excellence in operating the dietary department in an efficient and effective manner. Cindy Elmquist of the Clinics was recognized by the clinics' manager for her amazing ability to flex and go where she is needed for the team. Her attitude of "no problem" makes her a pleasure to work with. Julie Wilson of Housekeeping/Linen was recognized by a colleague for helping to train her in new duties and for her patience while doing so. Don Farnsworth (Housekeeping) was awarded a third star this year for locating and hanging a privacy curtain for the Short Procedure Unit when an older one gave out. Also for the outstanding way he keeps SPU and the whole second floor looking. Colleen Long of Nursing was recognized for the third time this year for her flexibility.

Recognized for both a blue and silver star at the event was Bobbi Anderson, Nursing. She was recognized by a patient for care in the ER and by a colleague for the exceptional care she delivered to both her parents over many years and many visits.

Director of Nursing Pam Bray was noticed by an employee over the course of a week showing special care and compassion toward a patient and also her staff. Cindy Salerno, ER was recognized by name for her expert care and compassion by a patient to our ER. Dale Rolls of Cardiac Lab was acknowledged for coming in on his day off to fit test a holter monitor on a patient, knowing his next weeks' vacation would result in delay of care for the patient otherwise.

Receiving their first stars were Lindsay Amacher from Clinics for filling in for a staff member who quit. Gale Lehman from administration and payroll was acknowledged for writing and obtaining a larger grant that allowed KCH to purchase new equipment for the Operating Room. Imaging's Dianne Mansell was awarded a star for her extraordinary help to the ER when they were swamped, including help in transporting patients and cleaning beds. Chris Queen, Nuclear Medicine, was appreciated for his professional and caring performance of his job and ongoing communication with a patient's spouse who noted "I have seen the level of care in a training video but have never experienced it to perfection in a real patient care situation." Tim Redmond and Wayne Steele from the ER stayed after BLS Training to allow a colleague to take the test and get re-certified. Tina Smith from ICU and Med/Surg was acknowledged for flexibility in staffing and picking up additional shifts. Nancy DeAngelo from Bariatrics was awarded for helping SPU transport patients and fetch and carry when they were short-handed. Peggy Nichols and Lisa Lewis were acknowledged for coming to the hospital from the Business Office to help a patient with a broken arm and no insurance fill out the Medical Assistance application. Nursing's Lisa Pence was appreciated for serving a family as an "angel of mercy" while their mother was dying. Marsha Keller of HR was recognized for excellent internal customer service, helping KCH employees.

The group was large so two luncheon sessions were scheduled to accommodate. Employees honored are individually acknowledged by the CEO. During the luncheon Rhodes shares information on what's happening at the hospital. Employees are free to ask questions and share ideas. Those honored also receive a free lunch, a thank you card with the specifics of their award performance, and a gift bag.