November 17, 2009
Caring for our Communities
H1N1 High-priority clinic

KCH will hold a high-priority clinic on Monday, November 23 from 2-7 p.m. in the Second Floor Conference Room. Individuals must fit the high-priority criteria and be pre-registered with Amy Peterson, LPN, Infection Control, (837-4658). Appointments are required. Walk-ins will not be accepted. Here are the criteria. Please share this information.

High-Priority Criteria: Pregnant Women, Children and young adults, 6 months - 24 years old, Ages 25-65 with certain chronic medical conditions, those in a household with an infant under 6 months, and Healthcare and EMS workers If you or a loved one meets the high-priority criteria, you must call Amy Peterson, LPN, KCH Infection Control at 837-4658 to be screened and to schedule an appointment. The vaccine is free.

Patients of KCH-based clinics may schedule an appointment directly with their physician's office through Nov. 20. The same high-priority criteria apply.