September 25, 2011
KCH Celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Information and Incentives

There is a “1 in 8” lifetime risk for women to develop breast cancer.

And National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, NBCAM, is a great month to schedule an annual mammogram.  With all the national media attention each October, it helps remind woman of this critical screen for breast cancer.  Early detection remains the best protection.

KCH has an aggressive program in the detection of breast cancer at its earliest and takes care to follow-up, often at the time of the original mammogram, when the results of the mammogram alone are inconclusive to a skilled eye. 

KCH’s Chief of Radiology – Jamil Sarfraz, M.D. – has a special interest in breast health and is American Board Certified not only in Diagnostic Radiology, but also in Nuclear Medicine and Internal Medicine.  His expertise in the early diagnosis of breast cancer is well known and sought after in the region.

At KCH the immediate follow-up of dense breast tissue is with ultrasound.  This aids in the accuracy of the diagnosis.  It’s a follow-up that women have come to expect at KCH and one every woman deserves.

Ultrasound and MRI imaging of the breast are two additional modalities that greatly decrease the chance of false, negative mammograms, particularly in women with fibrocystic changes or dense breast tissue.  This is the preferred protocol for the KCH Program. 

There are different cancer diagnostic and treatment approaches that range from doing nothing, watchful waiting, re-screening, ultrasound, and MRI studies. 

Early detection is still the best protection. The sooner a cancer is diagnosed the greater potential for a successful outcome.

KCH offers digital mammography all year round, but with a bit more hoopla during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October with a special push for screening that begins in mid-September with Ladies Night Out.  In October KCH adds giveaways in addition to free or reduced rate mammography for under-insured women, a display of health information important to women and, during the third week of October, Mammography Week, refreshments in the waiting room.  

This year’s special giveaways, for those scheduling their annual mammogram in October, include a bottle of OPI’s Calendar Girl Pink nail polish donated by OPI, a beautiful scarf donated by Zook Motors of Kane, and a chance to win a grand prize of a Keurig® brewing  system that creates a perfect cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate in sixty seconds.   (Bringing a nonperishable food item for the Kane Area Food Pantry will give donors a second chance (ticket) to win the grand prize drawing at the end of the month.)

During KCH’s 2011 Ladies Night Out event on September 15, 70 women -- of the more than 250 attending the event -- signed up for their annual screenings.  Those without insurance or those whose insurance does not pay for mammography had the opportunity to sign up for free or reduced rate mammography and reading thanks in part to area businesses who partnered with KCH again this year to fund this program for area women. 

The offer is extended to others on a first come, first served basis for as long as funds are available. So, if you are underinsured, let it be known that you would like to be considered for free or reduced rate screening when you call 837-4580 to register.

KCH is an affiliate of UPMC Hamot.

KCH Celebrates National Breast Cancer Awareness Month with Information and Incentives

The KCH Breast Health Center Team is on your side. Call KCH Diagnostic Imaging today at 837-4580. Pictured wearing this year’s giveaway scarf and holding bottles of OPI Calendar Girl Pink nail polish for everyone who signs up for their mammogram in October are: in front: Brittany McElhattan RDMS; and l-r above:Ann Anderson, RT (R)(M)(CT); Ronda Feronti, RT(R)(M)(CT), and Julie Laughner, RT(R)(M)(BD)(CT).  The Breast Health Center at KCH offers comprehensive breast health care with digital mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and stereotactic breast biopsy.