July 6, 2011
TeleHealth -One of Many Tools for KCH-Based Home Care

Kane Community Hospital Home Health Care provides quality home health you can rely on seven days a week,
24 hours a day.

KCH's telehealth monitoring, HomMed Health Monitoring System, empowers people who suffer from chronic
illnesses -- such as congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary Disease (COPD), diabetes, asthma,
severe hypertension/hypotension/dehydration, preeclampsia or other health conditions -- to take an active role in
their own health management.

KCH Home Health Care offers individuals and their families the comfort and security of knowing that someone
is watching over them every day.

The HomMed System -- offered by KCH Home Health Care -- provides the comfort and independence of
staying at home, along with the security of daily monitoring and proper medical attention. It connects patients
to a home health nurse daily via the monitor, a small, unobtrusive device placed in the user's home. The system
collects a patient's vital signs, guiding patients through the process by a series of verbal prompts.

The information transmits to the KCH Home Health Care office where the data is reviewed by a nurse who can
help the patient monitor their health and take action based on the data readings or alert physicians as necessary.

Telehealth gives patients peace of mind, knowing a nurse reviews data and makes a nursing call or visit as
needed. The system increases compliance with medications and symptom control.

In addition to helping those with chronic illness, The HomMed monitor can help those undergoing radiation or

For information about KCH Home Health Care Telehealth options, call 814-837-5171 or 837-4790.


TeleHealth -One of Many Tools for KCH-based Home Care

Here Kane Community Hospital Home Health Care Nurse Sue McAlee, RN, trained telehealth nurse, receives
weight, blood pressure and oxygen levels sent electronically from a patient's home telephone line to her
computer monitor for review. The patient and their primary care physician are alerted when any abnormal
readings suggest needed medication changes or adjustments.


TeleHealth -One of Many Tools for KCH-based Home Care

The HomMed system electronically connects patients to KCH Home Health Care via a small unobtrusive
device placed in the individual’s home. The system monitor records daily weight, blood pressure, heart
rate, oxygen saturation, and answers to subjective questions. All but the scale are included in this photo.