April 1, 2011
Acute Care Rural Hospital -- Kane Community Hospital -- Experiences Success with the Healthland Electronic Health Records

Healthland, America's market leader of healthcare information technology solutions for rural hospitals, announced in March that Kane Community Hospital (KCH) is live with the Healthland ONC-ATCB-certified Electronic Health Records (EHR) solution.

Kane Community Hospital (KCH), an affiliate of UPMC Hamot, is a 31-bed acute care rural hospital based in Kane, Pa. The facility provides a broad base of primary and specialty care including: cardiology, cardiac rehab and wellness, emergency medicine, family medicine, gynecology and women's health, home health care, internal medicine, occupational medicine, urology, oncology/outpatient chemotherapy, orthopaedics, rehabilitation services, pain management, radiology, and surgical services.

Kane Community Hospital is currently in the 90-day reporting period for Stage 1 Meaningful Use guidelines.

"Kane Community Hospital has always been on the forefront of technology, including being an early adopter of EHR, because we are continually looking for ways to improve the patient experience," said J. Gary Rhodes, Kane Community Hospital CEO. "Our health network includes a hospital and clinics in five communities that cover three counties, so we pride ourselves with technology that delivers improved patient safety, efficiency and operational functionality."

"After The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was passed in 2009," Rhodes stated, "we knew we'd have to add finishing pieces to update our hardware and software to meet new standards.  Our goal was to be the first to have a certified product in the area, which required us to develop a plan to meet the guidelines quickly.  We're accomplishing that goal with the Healthland certified EHR solution."

The Healthland Meaningful Use EHR is a central repository of all patient information and serves as a primary catalyst for improvements in quality of care, patient safety and cost-effective operations. From order entry to the secure viewing, sharing and retrieval of patient medical records, the Healthland EHR automates information management at every point of patient care, admission through discharge. With the Office of the National Coordinator Authorized Testing and Certification Body (ONC-ATCB) 2011/2012 certification from The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology or CCHIT(R), the Healthland EHR solution meets all requirements necessary to achieve Stage 1 Meaningful Use compliance.

"We went live with Healthland's meaningful use product in December 2010 and we are already beginning to see the benefits," said Margaret Twidale, Kane Community Hospital's Senior Manager of IT. "The overall flow of patient care is improved with the ability to see the complete patient record, and we are seeing improvements in efficiency. We've also streamlined the way departments process and handle information to the point where we are now EHR dependent. We'd never want to go back."

"Kane Community Hospital is a forward-thinking organization working diligently to improve healthcare for its community," said Angie Franks, Healthland president and CEO. "Healthland is partnering with many rural hospitals like KCH to transform community healthcare. We are currently poised to help hundreds of hospitals across the country meet Meaningful Use with an EHR solution designed to enable better patient care."

Officials at Kane Community Hospital say they will meet Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements and expect to receive stimulus funds by May 2011.

Acute Care Rural Hospital -- Kane Community Hospital -- experiences success with the Healthland Electronic Health Records

Veronica Westerburg, LPN (far right) is demonstrating the bar code scanning for (l-r) KCH CEO J. Gary Rhodes, VP of UPMC Hamot; Director of Inpatient Services (DON) Pam Bray, RN; Director of Outpatient Services (ADON) Mary Parana, RN; IT Senior Manager Margaret Twidale and Westerburg.


On-line Medication Administration Record

The nurses on the KCH Acute Care Unit are continuing to expand the technological aspects of medication administration. KCH has been using the OMAR (on-line medication administration record) since late 2010. 

The newest aspect of technology and patient safety to be implemented is the utilization of medication bar code scanning.        

This is a process in which the nurse scans the patient's wristband and then the bar code on each medication to insure the correct medication is administered to the correct patient. In order to develop the best practice/policy for this process, KCH is starting the procedure with one nurse. 

Elisha Osmer, RN, has accepted the challenge of being the KCH bar code champion.  She is trialing the process, making notes, talking about the procedures with other nurses, working with pharmacy and IT on issues encountered and will develop the KCH process before expanding the process to include other staff members.

Acute Care Rural Hospital -- Kane Community Hospital -- experiences success with the Healthland Electronic Health Records

Elisha Osmer, RN is spearheading the bar code process for KCH. She is pictured here with her COW (computer on wheels).


About Healthland: Healthland is America's largest provider of fully integrated solutions to rural community and critical access hospitals, serving more than 500 clients across the country. Software and services from Healthland, including its electronic health record (EHR) solution, empower community hospitals to deliver the best possible healthcare by providing a central repository of patient information in all care settings, be it a hospital, clinic or extended care facility.

With 30 years of experience in the rural healthcare market, Healthland solutions are uniquely suited to the size and needs of rural hospitals, enabling them to focus on what they do best -- care for neighbors, family and friends. Founded in Glenwood, Minn., population 2,600, Healthland is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minn., with regional offices in Glenwood, Minn., Louisville, Ky. and Waco, Texas. More information is available at: http://www.healthland.com.