January 9, 2011
November Gold at KCH

Sue Singer and Jeremy Howe have achieved gold status in KCH's Star Program. The Program acknowledges acts of kindness that go above and beyond the call of duty.

An act of kindness could be taking the time to rearrange a doctor's schedule to accommodate a patient needing to be seen the day they called. In the case of Sue Singer, the patient receiving the kindness took the time to send a thank you note naming those helpful employees who provided the kindness.

Jeremy Howe's gold came from a letter thanking Jeremy for coming to his aid, not once but twice. Local resident Vern Johnson wrote KCH wanting Jeremy thanked for outstanding customer service. When he had picked up his wife from a doctor's appointment, his car was making a horrible noise. Jeremy was in his own vehicle, leaving the hospital for the day. He stopped and asked if he could be of assistance. He popped the hood, saw the belt was frayed and Jeremy trimmed it with his knife and got him on the way to a mechanic. Mr. Johnson recognized Jeremy because two years previously when his car wouldn't start, Jeremy stopped and jumped it.

The KCH mission is "to serve our patients and their families, our communities, and one another." The Star program allows KCH employees to live the mission of KCH and be recognized for doing so. With one month to go in star recognitions for the 2010 program, many stars are already brightly shining. The recognition luncheon for December 2010 recipients will be held at the end of January. Those recognized each month enjoy a free lunch with CEO Gary Rhodes who acknowledges star recipients and the deeds that earned them. Recipients get a gas card for each level achieved.

Red stars for November went to: Aretta Gallagher, Housekeeping; Matt Langille, Diagnostic Imaging; Marianne Odonish, Summit Medical Park; Kira Lechien, Dr. Wu's Office, Hamot Medical Park (Johnsonburg), and Dr. Max Pavlock, Family Medicine, Hamot Medical Park (Johnsonburg).

Recipients of Blue stars through November included: Candy Bush, Patient Accounting; Judy Carlson, RN, Short Procedure Unit; Carolyn Miller, CRNP-C, Ridgway Family & Internal Medicine; Elisha Osmer, RN, Med/Surg; Ruth McClellan, Dr. Pavlock's Office, Hamot Medical Park (Johnsonburg).

There were no additional silver recipients in November. Singer of Dr. Pavlock's Office, Hamot Medical Park and Howe of Maintenance reached the top tier of gold in November.

Sue Singer    Jeremy Howe

Sue Singer and Jeremy Howe reach GOLD in KCH's Star Program.