November 16, 2010
KCH Stars Brightly Shining

The Star program at Kane Community Hospital is shining brightly this year with a number of employees rising to silver
and gold star recognition.

Employees are awarded stars by “going above and beyond the call of duty” as seen through the eyes of a patient,
patient’s family, colleague, leader or medical staff.

The first star award for each individual is a red, the second a blue, the third is silver and the fourth is gold.

By the end of September, one employee had already achieved gold plus (platinum) status.

Luanne Larson (Materials Management) reached gold star status as a result of her two-year leadership of the KCH
Relay Team. She oversaw many dozens of fundraisers that raised over $27,000 for the American Cancer Society on
behalf of Kane Community Hospital. With her additional help assuring the success of Ladies Night Out, Larson went
platinum, a new level.

Two other employees have reached gold status.
As part of the organizing team of Ladies Night Out and being personally named in two patient thank you notes and a
phone call praising her customer service, Julie Laughner (Diagnostic Imaging) achieved gold status.

Lisa Pence (Nursing) is the third gold star employee. Pence was mentioned by name in patient thank you notes as well
as in KCH’s patient satisfaction survey. A note was also received, signed by eight members of her nursing team,
detailing their grateful appreciation and describing her as their shining star.

Silver stars were awarded Bobbi Anderson (Nursing), Sue Freer (Home Health Care), Carrie Frantz (Nursing), Kellie
Ely (Rehabilitation Services), Jeremy Howe (Maintenance), Sandy Nelson (Patient Accounting), Sue Singer (Dr.
Pavlock's office), and Jill Whittemore (Nursing). Each was recognized three times this year for exceptional customer
service, by patients who mentioned them by name in a thank you note or by colleagues or leadership.

As of the end of September, the following employees reached blue star level having been recognized for two acts above
and beyond: Ann Anderson, Tina Elder, Don Farnsworth, Ronda Feronti, Vicki Graham, Dawn Keesler, Carol Keller,
Marsha Keller, Autum McCanna, Brittany McElhattan, Cecelia (Peggy) Nichols, Mary Pavlock, Ruth Peterson, Ginny
Rook, Cindy Salerno, Susan Stauffer, Emily Zimmerman.

The following employees have received a red star for an above or beyond act:
Tammy Anderson, Eric Asp, Jim Bell, Lisa Bizzak, Val Boni, Pam Bray, Janet Brunner, Bobbra Bucheit, Cheryl
Burton, Candy Bush, Judy Carlson, Dino Cherry, Nancy DeAngelo, Kelly Eckert, Misty Edinger, Amy Elker, Cynthia
Elmquist, Margaret Galsick, Heather Greenawalt, Angela Hadzega, Kathy Haight, Nancy Harris, Helen Heasley, Tanya
Hirth, Amy Johnson, Cathy Johnson, Danielle Johnson, Marie Jones, Melissa Konen, Darien Kontes, Patti Koza, Gale
Lehman, Colleen Long, Susan Luck, Virginia Madigan, Sue McAlee, Ruth McClelland, Jessica McDivitt, Brian
McGee, Laurie Menteer, Carolyn Miller, Elisha Osmer, Mary Parana, Clara Paul, Sherri Peterson, Tim Redmond, Kim
Rose, Michelle Sanders, Gary Schraff, Mary Sicher, Michelle Simons, Kathy Sluga, Tamara Smith, Wayne Steele,
Andrea Thompson, Kathy Toth and Brandon Troutman.

Regular celebrations for those awarded stars take place with the CEO over lunch. In addition to star recognition, each
receives gas cards equivalent to their star achievement.

KCH is establishing a giving foundation and will be expanding the Star program as a formal “grateful patient”
program, a traditional building block of a healthcare giving program. Most hospitals find when patients are well
served they look for ways to thank those who have helped them manage a health challenge. In 2011 patients will have
an opportunity to donate to KCH in honor of KCH employees and medical staff who go above and beyond on their

KCH Star Program

I-r Luanne Larson (Gold plus) and Jeremy Howe (Silver)

KCH Star Program

l-r Bobbi Anderson (Silver), Julie Laughner (Gold), and Sue Freer (Silver)

KCH Star Program

l-r Jill Whittemore (Silver) and Lisa Pence (Gold)

KCH Star Program

Sandy Nelson (Silver)

KCH Star Program

I-r Carrie Franz and Kellie Ely (Silver Stars)

KCH Star Program

Sue Singer (Silver)