August 13, 2010
Part 1 – KCH Cardiac Rehab for a New Lease on Life

Gary & Lynda Schul

In July of 2007 Gary Schul had heart problems and entered St. Vincent’s hospital in Erie for quadruple bypass.  Once he had healed, his cardiologist released him from care recommending that he begin Cardiac Rehab. 

“He really didn’t know what to expect and was apprehensive but checked out Kane Community Hospital’s Cardiac Rehab,” wife Lynda Schul said.  “Once the program was explained by Cardiac Rehab and Wellness Center Manager Jessica McDivitt, he decided to try it. He attended as scheduled and as the program continued and he gained strength, he became very enthusiastic.  Once he completed his final session, he decided to continue.” 

“Gary suggested that I try it too,” Lynda noted.  “I did and since then we’re hooked.  In June 2008, the SilverSneakers® program was initiated at KCH.  We attended the first class and have been regulars ever since. 

“SilverSneakers® classes are at 8 a.m. and 9 a.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.   The classes are taught by Jessica and Emily Zimmerman, Exercise Instructor.  Both are infused with enthusiasm that is infectious, says Lynda.  “It is a fun and motivational class.  All ages attend and we exercise to music.  We have made many new friends through this program.  This is what keeps us coming back along with the agility and strength and progress we’ve made in our exercising.” 

“Scheduled potluck picnics with our SilverSneakers® classmates at the Center or sometimes in the park, often include music from the “Just having fun” guys of polka fame in Kane.

“Gary and I have encouraged others to join us to experience the fun and camaraderie that is all a part of the program.  Everyone should give it a try and see what it is all about.  There is nothing to lose in trying.”

Carol Carson 

Carol Carson began exercising at the Center five days a week after Cardiac Rehab.  “After I had two stents put in at Hamot, the doctor sent me to Cardiac Rehab for six weeks of rehabilitation.  When that time was up, I just kept coming because I felt better.”

“When Jessica suggested the SilverSneakers® program, I started that and it was a lot of The people in my class are a delight.  This way I get five days a week of exercise and at least I am not gaining weight.  But I haven’t lost a lot either.  I do eat a lot of fruit and vegetables, but I have a weakness for cookies.”

“Throughout my exercising, I have gotten stronger and have more pep.  I recommend the program to all.  Jessica and Emily are wonderful and do all they can to help make us comfortable in the exercises.  There is no pressure to do more than we are able.”

“SilverSneakers® group exercise classes are a great opportunity for an individual to get and stay on track with personal health and fitness goals,” says Zimmerman.  “The classes are designed especially for older adults and are taught by certified instructors trained specifically to be sensitive to individual needs and fitness levels.  The classes are beneficial regardless of fitness level or health condition, and participants tend to enjoy the camaraderie of fellow members.” 

“Research indicates that regular physical activity is beneficial in preventing and helping to treat symptoms of certain chronic conditions.   Exercise can positively impact heart disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis, obesity and other conditions, as well as enhance feelings of well-being and reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, ” Zimmerman noted.

For more information on how you can assess your health and fitness, call the Wellness Center at Kane Community Hospital at 837-4779.


Lynda and Gary Schul are staying fit and having fun in SilverSneakers® Class.

Carol Carson in SilverSneakers® class. 

Carol Carson on one of two of the KCH Wellness Center’s cross-trainers.

Instructor Emily Zimmerman far right leads the 9 a.m. SilverSneakers® class at KCH.