KCH Annual Report 2009-2010

J. Gary Rhodes, FACHE"Our mission is to serve our patients and their families, our communities, and one another."  I am thankful for the men and women of KCH.... physicians, board members, nurses, aides, volunteers, technicians, housekeepers, dietary, maintenance, administration, office workers, coders, billers, transcriptionists, clinic staff, everyone, for their dedication to the patients we serve, for their compassion, for their sacrifice away from home and family, for their giving nature, and for their flexibility as a result of the ever changing and stressful healthcare industry and delivery system.

We have accomplished much on our way to sustainability with our integration with Hamot this year.

A partial list of accomplishments includes:

  • a new internal medicine practice in Ridgway,
  • a new cardiac rehab program,
  • a new pain management program,
  • we now employ our own physical and occupational therapists,
  • we added a part-time urology service,
  • a new digital mammography suite,
  • a new 1.5 T, high-field, short bore MRI,
  • a new breast health center with stereotactic breast biopsy equipment,
  • Hamot ER physicians staffing our ER 24-7-365, and
  • we added a new family practitioner in Johnsonburg, Dr. Max Pavlock. 

A high-speed fiber optic system now connects all of our clinics and connects us to Hamot.

We have just recruited a new orthopaedic surgeon, Vasileios Kostopoulos, M.D., PhD, and we will be co-locating Orthopaedics, Rehabilitation (Physical and Occupational Therapy) and Pain management all in the same Center across the street from the Hospital.

We continue to work with Hamot to improve quality and access to care. Very soon we expect to be part of the new UPMC-Hamot system and look forward to continued stability, growth and even more access to high quality care for the patients in the communities we serve.

Our community-based clinics have provided improved access and over 31,000 clinic visits.  In the Hospital we have served over 28,000 outpatients, provided over 5,100 ER visits, and admitted over 1,000 to our hospital.

We have provided over $1,100,000 in uncompensated care, and after total expenses of $18.1 million we have operated at a loss of $373,000 for the year ending June 30, 2010. 

This year, as a result of our membership in the Hamot Health System, we have seen a significant turn around despite over-all tough economic conditions.

We continue to partner with Rotary, senior centers, and the local business community to provide outreach services such as free health fairs and clinics, reduced rate multiphasic blood screenings as well as occupational medicine services throughout the region.

The continued support of the communities we serve, we expect better economic results and a further improvement in the services and the quality of care provided for many years to come.

J. Gary Rhodes, FACHE
VP, Hamot Health Foundation
CEO, Kane Community Hospital